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Stourpaine and Durweston Halt, 7th July 1962 Stourpaine and Durweston looking towards Shillingstone, 2008 Srourpaine and Durweston Halt. Bridge No.187 in 2008 Steps up to Stourpaine and Durweston Halt, 2008 Remains of signal frame on Stourpaine platform? 2008. Stourpaine and Durweston looking towards Blandford, 2008

Opened on 9th July 1928, Stourpaine and Durweston Halt was a single platform built from prefabricated concrete sections and was 120 feet long with a small shelter. The halt closed on 17th September 1956. Considering its simplicity it is surprising that much of the structure still survives in 2008. Little remains of the shelter, but the concrete supports for the platform are still in position and there are quite a few of the concrete slabs that formed the surface of the platform.

Stourpaine and Durweston Halt on the 7th July 1962. The original black and white photograph was taken by Colin Caddy and has been colorized by Geoff Cook.

Copyright © Colin Caddy 1962

The remains of Stourpaine and Durweston Halt in February 2008, looking towards Shillingstone. Except for the simple shelter most of the halt still survives including the concrete posts and metal rail at the back edge of the platform. There are also taller wooden posts which were probably part of the shelter on the platform, (compare with the picture on the left).

Copyright © Geoff Cook 2008

Bridge No.187 at Stourpaine and Durweston Halt. The platform is on the right hand side of the bridge from this position.

Copyright © Geoff Cook 2008

Steps up to the platform, now partially overgrown with vegetation and an apparent attempt to block access with an old wooden pallet. The bridge can be seen on the left.

Copyright © Geoff Cook 2008

Lying on a section of the platform is what appears to be the remains of a signal frame.

Copyright © Geoff Cook 2008

Looking towards Blandford.

Copyright © Geoff Cook 2008

Copyright © Gordon Jones 2008

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Permanent way hut near Stourpaine.

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